London's Club for Sociable Singles

The BIGGEST of Singles Parties in London - definitely bigger than any other club's numbers. 

Contact Singles started as a singles social club in London in 1994 and has grown over the years. We have lots of new members constantly joining as our events are shown on 9 different Meet Up groups plus Skiddle, Event Brite as well as our own website. We have members 30s, 40s, 50s & early 60s with the majority of the age range 35 - 55. . Our club has become a real community over the years. 

The earlier part of the evening with introductions at the bar or the Socialising Circle are great ice-breakers and the best way to come before the DJ kicks off the party.  Everyone attending has confirmed details and we take over exclusive use of the venue which maintains a totally safe environment for people to meet. It is also the condition under which we hire our venues as they know our events are safe from a security aspect as everyone is registered on the evening.


BIG Halloween Singles Event in London Max 450 Sat November 2nd Millennium Gloucester Hotel, SW7 4LH

Also here for our  Christmas Party Sat December 14th



Please note the dress code before booking. It's minimum of suit trousers & smart suit shirt if not in full suit/dinner suit for guys. Ladies you can dress up as much as you like.

We are asking for NO jeans or casual clothes.  We cannot admit you if you come in casual clothes so please note the dress code before booking.

Tickets £17.75 for November 2nd  

Singles Party with Socialising Circle and  party with DJ  7pm - 12.30am. Intros at bar 7pm followed by Socialising Circle 7.45pm,  and party from 8.30pm until 12.30am

Must text name to 07809 709099 (needs to be a UK mobile)

This is needed to complete registration & so we can send you the ticket text needed for entry . 
Please do not book with a company PayPal account as the booking needs to confirm home address in the UK for registration and not a work address.





Bay and Bracket Victoria, SW1P 1RH - Sat November 23rd

Bay & Bracket outside

Tickets £14.75  


Singles Party with Socialising Circle & Party with DJ  7pm - 12.15am. Intros at bar 7pm followed by Socialising Circle 7.45pm and party from 8.30pm until 12.15am. 

Dress code is smart/casual so you can wear smart jeans guys but we do mean with a smart shirt (not t shirt or polo top) plus smart shoes (definitely not trainers). Ladies you can dress up as much as you like.

We cannot register you for the event if you do not confirm your UK mobile number for this event
Please text full name from your number to complete registration to 07809 709099.  If you book for anyone else we need their  full name and mobile number as we would need to make contact to confirm home address to register the person if new to our club. It maybe easier to give friends the link to book direct. 

Ticket for entry will be sent to mobile. 


Fair Processing Notice Regarding Members’ Data

Contact Singles has been a members club since 1994 and we confirm home address, email and mobile to maintain a safe environment at our events for people to meet. When members book their first event where details are confirmed, details are retained and stored securely so members can attend further events without needing to re confirm details. Details are not shared with any third party and only retained for membership purposes. . We keep members informed of forthcoming monthly events by email/text but a member can request not to be informed at any time or removed from our database of members. Confirmation of details is essential to ensure the safety of anyone attending and because we are a members' club and it is the condition under which we hire the venues we use.  The venues know our events are safer from a security aspect with such big numbers attending.

Julie Davies is the controller and proprietor of Contact Singles as one of the partners with Morgan Scouse. The ICO registration number is ZA363007 in the name of Julie Ann Davies . To view our GDPR Privacy Policy please click on the link below where it says GDPR Policy.


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