We also have an online dating site for those too busy to make events and this covers the whole of the UK with over a 5.5 million database. 

We have a General site which covers all ages so can search within your age range even if on the younger end. There is also a Senior Site for those looking for a relationship and an Adult site for those just looking for some fun. Go to or just click on the Online Dating button at the top of our site.

Our Most Recent Wedding


Graham and Paula met on Saturday 3rd July 2010 at a black tie ball at Hilton Paddington Hotel, W2. Their son George was born on 12th December 2012 and they married on 28th March 2015 so this is our most recent wedding. Masses of couples have met over the 21 years we have been going since November 1994.

 Graham family

Graham and Paula with their lovely son George. What a beautiful family!

Meet The Team (Union Bar)

team union bar

Members Gallery

dancing union bar2

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