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Speed Dating

We also have an Online Dating Site covering the whole of the UK for those too busy to attend our big singles parties in London.

We have a General site which covers all ages so you can search within your age range even if on the younger end. There is also a Senior Site for those looking for a relationship and an Adult site for those just looking for some fun. Go to https://www.contactsingles.co.uk/dating or just click on the Online Dating button at the top of  the home page of our site.

Mass Speed Dating in London with Contact Singles 

speed dating

We hold our mass speed dating standing for the younger age range late 20s to 40s and we conduct the introduction service for the 50+ age range seated on table rotations.

We are attempting to get people attending our events to talk to as many people as possible during the course of the evening. We introduce at the bar in mixed groups at 6.45pm before the speed dating and we also offer female networking before the event  We put ladies coming alone in touch the weekend before the event with other ladies also coming alone so they feel comfortable. People always feel more uplifted after an event if they feel they have at least made new friends. We can help people to stay in touch after an event if they text 07809 709099 with the name of the the person they would like us to pass their number to. We just ask that you make out a message to this person including your name and mobile on the message as remember it is being forwarded from our number. All you need to do is remember the first name of the person you would like to pass the message to and maybe the area they live would help to trace the person. We keep our guest lists for 2 months so we can trace whoever it was at events during this period.

How The Social Circle (Mass Speed Dating) Works

For Age Range later 20s to 40s . We introduce at the bar 6.45pm until 7.15pm when we know enough people have arrived to start the circle. We then form a big circle with ladies on the outside and the men on the inside. The men move to the right when the whistle blows to the next lady for 15 mini chats lasting 3 minutes.  The DJ then livens up the party from 8pm and you can get back together with anyone you had a brief chat with at the party. It is a great ice-breaker beforehand so worth joining in, but not compulsory. Even if you come for the introductions at the bar it is better than just arriving for the party later when everyone is dancing and chatting to people they met earlier. 

For Age Range 50+ .When we are at The Fable we can hold the speed dating on tables of 4 on the mezzanine level sitting man, woman, man, woman. The men then move every 5 minutes to the next table when the whistle blows. We will fit in as many moves as we can by 8pm.

If you wish to make new single friends at our events it is always best to come earlier when we have soft back ground music from 6.45pm until 8pm as this is the best time to get chatting with people. Please don't make the mistake of thinking it will be better to arrive later when the party is in full swing. That way you won't get the most out of the evening.